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Pumpkin and Chocolate… we’ve got you covered!

Whilst you’re carving up your Halloween pumpkins this week, don’t forget about the wonderful seeds!

Our Organic Pumpkin Seeds are high in fibre, protein and essential fatty acids, and a rich source of minerals including iron, zinc and magnesium.

On Sale This Week!

Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Was £6.45 on sale at £5.99

We take pride in our incredible quality and range of chocolate products. From cocoa nibs, to dark chocolate dropsvegan chocolate, natural cocoa powder, cocoa butter… and so much more.

There is everything you could need for making your own chocolate treats this Halloween (and of course, before we know it the festive season will be upon us too!)

Here is a snapshot of what chocolatey goodness we offer… but why not head to the chocolate shop page to browse the full range and pick your favourite goodies.

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If you fancy having a go at an easy sweet treat ready for this weekend… these allergy friendly Creamy Chocolate Truffles made with just 3 main ingredients, might be just the thing!

In other news…

One for the oat lovers, we are happy to announce that our Seedy Cinnamon Granola Topper is back in store!

Seedy Cinnamon Granola Topper 1kg £4.99

Add as a topper to yoghurt, porridge, fruits or in baking. Deliciously cinnamon sweet, oaty flavour and seedy crunch. Naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and date syrup.A n excellent snack any time of day.

The Bulk Range is Growing…

If you love our Bulk Products, we have lots more to offer you this week. Plenty of new products up to 25kg. Including organic pinto beans, black turtle beans, organic chickpea flour, stevia chocolate almonds, popcorn… and more!

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