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New deals on nuts & pulses (p.s checked out our new website yet?)

When we launched our Bulk range it was with a view to cater for as many small businesses as possible with no minimum order quantities, unlike most wholesalers.

Yet as we further expand the parameters of bulk to offer even smaller pack sizes direct from source, we are expanding who these products serve too.

Love almonds or cashews? You might love our 5kg bulk boxes at the lowest possible prices!

Love trail mix? You might love our 5kg Organic Super Mix Bulk Box!

Peanut Butter lover? Welcome to our roasted peanut butter 4kg bulk box.

We’re now also launching many of our bulk products in even smaller 3.5kg pack sizes (not too big for a kitchen cupboard!) and we will continue to expand our options across the board.

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5kg Organic Criollo Cacao Nibs Bulk Box

£36.99 (£7.40 per kilo)

chopped pistachios

Grab a great deal on 1kg Chopped Pistachios!

WAS £21.99
NOW £17.25

Delicious, unsalted, unroasted, chopped pistachio kernels. A good source of protein, healthy fats, minerals and B vitamins. Rich, creamy, nutty flavour with a subtle sweetness. Perfect for baklava, flapjacks, ice cream, puddings and savoury dishes.


We also have some incredible deals on these 25kg bulk pulses at under half their original price! Perfect for community enterprises.

Have you had a look round our shiny new website yet?

It’s been a long time coming, and a labour of love behind the scenes to create a much more user-friendly shopping experience for all our customers, whether you are looking to fill your pantry or shop in bulk (or a bit of both!)

There are lots of improvements, but overall your mobile browsing experience, ease of payment and improved search functions in the shop are where the big differences lie.

It’s newly launched and we are still tweaking things, so we’d love to hear your feedback to help us create the optimum experience!
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