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Whilst we might not celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, there is no doubt that taking a moment to be grateful for what we have can only be a good thing.

Traditional Thanksgiving food is much like a Christmas dinner, and beyond the turkey, veg and potatoes… we do love a good nut roast or a generous side of stuffing!

Nuts are one of the staple foods over the festive season, and we have a great range… we’ve also handpicked some special offers from both our Bulk and Pantry ranges on a few varieties that would be perfect for the festive table.

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We’d also like to share a few words on Black Friday, or more accurately why we DON’T do Black Friday!

At RealFoodSource we believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone at all times. We don’t believe marketing gimmicks should be used for food. We stick to a simple strategy, keeping our prices as low as possible every day to offer our great products at the best possible prices.

Whilst we don’t offer deals ‘across the board’ we do work hard to offer regular ‘genuine’ discounts on select products. This may be due to stock clearance to make way for new lines, or when we’ve been able to get a new line at a great price and want to share that with you, or simply to draw attention to certain products we stock. Our discounts are always on top of our everyday very low prices.

You can read more about our stance on Black Friday and other marketing gimmicks here!

In need of some inspiration?

Remember we have a range of recipe ebooks, including our Nuts About Nuts recipe book. 

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