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Why We Don’t Do Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Other Marketing Gimmicks

RealFoodSource believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone at all times. We don’t believe these marketing gimmicks should be used for food. We stick to a simple strategy-keeping our prices as low as possible every day to offer our great products at the best possible prices. We are not driven by profit and sales and don’t believe marketing strategies should be applied to food to give a perceived “deal” to persuade you to buy. We therefore don’t offer gimmicky discount codes, reward points and the likes which are ultimately added to the final price of food to entice sales. We just offer the very best prices at all times to all customers.  If you can buy the same quality foods cheaper from other companies with the same service with the discounts applied you should do so. Read on to find out how and why we do things differently at the RealFoodSource to keep our prices real


We don’t believe these marketing gimmicks should be used for food.  In our mind, food should always be offered at the very best price for customers in the first instance. Many companies run huge promotional savings across entire ranges of products to persuade you to buy. For example, Black Friday deals, January 15% off deals etc.  Companies that run these promotions inflate the base price of food to build in a marketing budget so they can run these type of promotions to give a perceived “deal”. We stick to a simple model of offering the best price in the first instance.

We would suggest you fill your basket with the same items of the same quality from other companies and we believe the total checkout price will be less when buying from us after their codes have been applied.  If it’s not let us know and we will work on trying to change it!


Whilst we don’t offer deals ‘across the board’ we do work hard offer regular ‘genuine’ discounts on select products. This may be due to stock clearance to make way for new lines, or when we’ve been able to get a new line at a great price and want to share that with you, or simply to draw attention to certain products we stock. Our discounts are always on top of our everyday very low prices.


We note that there is a coupon code field that comes as standard on our website platform.  However, we do not use this for any kind of marketing discounts. For example we often get asked if we offer discounts to new customers. We believe all customers, new and those who buy from us again and again should get the very best prices! We will never try and attract new customers by offering them a better deal than our regular customers. We believe this is unethical and unfair to entice customers with discounts that are not on offer to existing customers.

While you may find RealFoodSource on coupon code sites on the web this is simply because they are advertising us without permission to get more traffic to their site.  Unfortunately they do this unscrupulously and it’s something that frustrates us as it leads customers to think that we offer coupon codes when we do not.  Please ignore these site.


No courier offers free shipping – therefore there is really no such thing as ‘free shipping’. We do, however, offer you a free and fast shipping service over an order threshold where the costs can be covered without having to raise the prices of our individual products. 

You will find companies offering free shipping on everything, even at very low shipping thresholds. However an element of shipping costs will be included in the final product price to enable sellers to do this. In other words, the price will be high, and become more expensive as you add more products to your basket. Amazon Prime is an example of this. The lower the threshold for free shipping, the greater the element of shipping added to every product.  We are confident that our basket price will be lower than the competition, so you should always compare the total cost, irrespective of claimed free shipping.


For the same reason we don’t use discount codes. We don’t believe in increasing our prices so we can offer reward points that customers may or may not get to use. We believe that customers should be rewarded by receiving the best possible real foods at consistently the best possible price, not a reward scheme that encourages you to come back and shop with us regardless of what we do with our prices.

It should be noted that reward points and discount codes take time and effort to administrate, which is ultimately again reflected in the final price. This is why you should always compare the final checkout price from other sellers with our no-nonsense pricing.


We get many requests each week for samples of our products and to work with us endorsing our products. We greatly appreciate this and the enthusiasm for our products. Unfortunately the reality of providing samples or endorsement schemes is that there are costs to providing these product samples, which ultimately we cannot afford to fund without reflecting this rise in the price of our products for our customers. Therefore we do not offer this service as we want to offer the very lowest price we can on the foods we sell to make healthy eating affordable for everyone.

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