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Chilly nights and long evenings are now most definitely here… as will soon be the end of the Year!

It’s a time we love to cosy up with a blanket and a big mug of something warm and creamy… think indulgent hot chocolate or a matcha latte made with our coconut milk powder as you wind down for the night.

Both varieties of coconut milk powder are now back in stock.

Choose from:
1kg Coconut Milk Powder with 39% coconut oil content
1kg Coconut Milk Powder with 65% coconut oil content

It’s also a great time to get in the kitchen. Cookies, cake and Christmas treats are now all on the agenda.

But if easy no-bake treats are your thing, why not try something a little different with the goodies on offer this week?

You’ll find a great recipe for Chocolate Tiger Nut Energy Balls below. These are the perfect foundation for so many variations and the tiger nut flour gives a great texture.

What is your favourite way to spend the darker winter evenings?

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Chocolate Tiger Nut Raw Balls

Energy balls are always such a versatile treat and so easy to whip up and the tiger nut flour gives a great texture to these balls!

The original recipe states medjool dates, but you can use any dates in these balls, you may just need to soak and drain them first if they are hard.


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