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What do tomatoes, coconut sugar, apricots and almonds have in common?

Now the rush of Black Friday is dwindling, we’re still here offering our  wonderful weekly promotions on top of our already low prices. Helping make healthy eating affordable for everyone at all times.

We have a mix of special offers for you this week…

In our Bulk range we have offers on our Organic Sun Dried Tomatoes and Organic Coconut Sugar

In our Pantry range we have offers on our Organic Dried Apricots and Organic Whole Natural Almonds

Take your pick?

Fancy a browse? Find all our products on promotion here!

Coming Very Soon…

We also making a big update to our Christmas recipe book… bringing you 24 ‘better for you’ festive recipes.

The festive season can be a tricky time if you can’t have certain foods.  With that in mind we’ve assembled a selection of easy gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan recipes.  Most are low carb and paleo too and use unrefined sugars. We’ve also tried to make the recipes as simple as possible so anyone can give them a go, even if you haven’t baked before! 

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