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Gingerbread snowman ‘Bliss Ball’ Pops

‘Bliss balls’ are now a well known ‘thing’ amongst healthy foodies and the blog world, as are ‘cake pops’ amongst the avid bakers…. So why not combine the two and add a festive theme for Christmas. 

You could really use any bliss ball recipe of your choice if you have a particular favourite, and then the baobab powder simply makes a great snowy finish!

Makes approx 6 snowmen (18 balls)

1 ½ cup medjool dates* (when packed)
handful goji berries (plus extra for noses)
2/3 cup blanched ground almond flour
2 tsp ground ginger

¼ cup baobab powder
dark chocolate for decoration

*if using other dates soak them first (then drain well)

Process the ball ingredients together until well blended and sticky (but not too sticky to handle). Roll into balls and chill slightly to firm up.

Roll in the baobab powder and then decorate with the extra gojis and dark chocolate.  Tip- mark the eyes and buttons out with a tooth pick or similar to clear the baobab from that spot as otherwise the chocolate won’t stick!




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