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Buckwheat Porridge

Try this twist on breakfast by using hulled buckwheat instead of porridge oats. The cashew milk powder used in this recipe is a great alternative to milk, and gives the porridge a nutty edge. Experiment with adding different toppings and sweeten to your desire!

Recipe: Buckwheat Porridge 

Serves 1


1/2 cup hulled buckwheat (soaked)
¼ cup cashew milk powder
1 tsp light agave syrup or other sweetener (if using berries, jam would work well to sweeten)
1 1/2 cups boiling water
Toppings of choice – I used mixed frozen berries, light agave syrup and granola


Soak the buckwheat in boiling water for a least an hour or in cold water overnight. Rinse well. (Note: you can use the buckwheat straight away like this as an overnight version – add a little thick cashew cream and toppings).

Add the soaked buckwheat, the water and cashew milk powder to the hob and cook for approx 15 minutes to soften. At this point, you could blend for a smoother texture but I prefer to serve whole for a chewier chunkier texture. Add a little syrup to sweeten and serve with toppings of choice. 



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