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Cashew Custard/Cream

This cashew custard/cream is spiked with mace as a wonderful milder alternative to nutmeg. It is delicious served with apples or summer stone fruit that has been baked or stewed.

Recipe: Cashew Custard/Cream

Serves 2


½ cup cashews (soaked for at least 2 hours in hot water)

½ cup water

1 tbs maple syrup

½ tsp mace

pinch salt


Blend the cashews, water, maple syrup and salt together on high.

Serve with cooked fruit of choice. Pour over the custard/cream, and sprinkle over a little extra mace once served.

NOTE: a double size batch might be easier if you have a larger blender – you can use the rest to make a cashew frosting or even dilute it further into a milk – if you do this only add the mace to the portion you are using for custard.


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