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nutty keto style crackers

Low Carb Keto Crackers

These crackers are virtually the same as eating a handful of nuts and seeds but a lot more interesting with the flavours and texture.

A mix of nuts gives a nice varied flavour and texture. Here we used pecan, brazil and walnuts as good low carb options (and we have pecan and brazil on offer this week 19/04/21) but you could swap for other nuts or seeds you love or have to hand. Cooking at a low temperature also helps preserve the maximum nutritional value of the nuts.

We haven’t added any extra spices to the recipe below as you can leave it plain or add your own… try soy sauce instead of salt, pep it up with smoky chipotle pepper sauce add some Italian herbs… all would work well.

These crackers also freeze well if you want to double up and make a big batch.

You’ll find this recipe and many more in our Nuts About Nuts recipe ebook... FREE to download!

Recipe: Low Carb ‘Keto’ Crackers

Makes approx. 15-20 crackers



Process all ingredients together until you have a sticky, slightly chunky mix.

Cook slowly in the oven on the lowest heat setting for approx. 1 hour until crisp. You can also use a dehydrator for two hours at 50ºC.

Carefully slice to serve. The crackers may be a little crumbly depending on how finely you’ve ground the nuts. Serve as a snack with a low-carb dip (or simply whatever you fancy). These also make a great snack for hikes or picnics.

nutty keto style crackers
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