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MCT Beetroot & Raspberry Smoothie

With all of the energy MCT oil has to offer, including it in your morning smoothie is a no brainer. We’ve combined MCT oil with raspberry and beetroot for a fruity and colourful smoothie to add some nutrition and colour to your day!

What is MCT you ask? It is a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil which is made from coconut fatty acids including C8 (Caprylic Acid) and C10 (Capric Acid) saturated fats. Our MCT oil has a C8C10 60/40 ratio which is the natural ratio seen in coconut.

How does it work? These medium chain fatty acids are absorbed by the body and broken down much quicker than long chain fatty acids, thereby providing quick energy. These fats go straight to the liver where they can be used as an instant energy source or turned into ketones bodies. Whereas the brain would usually rely upon glucose for energy, ketones can cross from the blood to the brain, providing the brain with an alternative and more efficient energy source.

How do you benefit from it? The efficiency of these MCTs means that they are more likely to be used as a rapid energy source rather than stored as fat, which gives them many health benefits.

MCTs can be naturally found in products such as coconut oil, palm kernel oil and dairy products but MCT Oil is a highly concentrated source of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Therefore it is commonly used in sports nutrition, ketogenic diets and medical nutrition. The neutral colour, taste and odourless smell of this product enables it to be easily incorporated into your diet.


MCT Beetroot & Raspberry Smoothie

Makes: 1 large smoothie or 2 small smoothies

1 large banana (use pre-frozen for a thicker cooler smoothie)

½ small raw beetroot

2 heaped Tbsp freeze dried raspberry crumble

2 tsp MCT oil (use 1 tsp if you’re new to MCT oil) 

1 Tbsp lemon juice

400ml water or milk of choice

Blend all the ingredients together on high and serve




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