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Going plant-based for January? We’re here to help!

We don’t take sides when it comes to dietary practices… we’re simply passionate about making good food within reach for all. 

As part of this, we do also try to ensure our products cater for as many dietary requirements, and are as inclusive as possible. Therefore the majority of our products are vegan friendly.

January is the month that many embark on ‘Veganuary’. But whether you’re taking on the challenge yourself, or want to add more plants and fewer animal products to your diet, or are simply curious to change some habits and try something new…

This weeks offers might have something to tempt you!

This week we have some vegan favourites, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate Couverture DropsVegan Coconut Milk Powder and Raw Hemp 50% Protein Powder all at extra special prices for one week only!

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Nutritional Yeast Flakes (with B12)

Was £14.99
NOW £12.99

An inactive yeast rich in vitamins & minerals, grown on fortified beet molasses. Nutty, slightly yeasty, roasted flavour notes.

Organic Vegan Milk Chocolate Couverture Drops

Was £9.99
NOW £7.99

Contains rice powder instead of milk powder to create a creamy, sweet flavour.

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder 1kg

Was £8.99
NOW £6.99

A fine powdered dairy free milk powder. Highly versatile – great for coffees, lattes, hot chocolate, porridges, smoothies, curries and soups, savoury dishes, ice cream, fudge and more.

EU Raw Hemp 50% Protein Powder 1kg

Was £9.79
NOW £7.79

Raw hemp protein powder from UK and EU grown hemp. 50% protein, packed with omega fatty acids, protein, essential amino acids, dietary fibre and iron.

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