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This weeks offers plus creative snack swaps!

As January picks up pace, it can be easy to let good intentions and healthy habits slip by the wayside.

We encourage keeping real food choices on hand at all times, by offering a range of good-for-you products as great prices. BUT we also believe that food should inspire your creativity. Good nutrition does not need to be boring!There are many ways you can create food swaps – with healthier alternatives to satisfy your habits and cravings.

How about these ideas to get you started…

Want to reduce your coffee intake?  Try a matcha latte to pep you up instead. Our Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is packed with antioxidants and health claims including boosting energy and improving metabolism.

Don’t want to give up the sweets?  Our Mango Fruit Balls in a variety of flavour blends, have the appeal of a fun treat to pop in your mouth but are made simply of fruit.

Chocolate lover? There is a healthier way! Why not make your own homemade chocolate, or try our Stevia Sweetened Milk Chocolate Almonds or Hazelnuts(both currently discounted!) Stevia is a naturally sweet plant extract and gives the chocolate a great taste without the need for sugar.

Something for dessert? Try stirring through our freeze dried fruit crumble (bothpineapple and mango pieces are currently discounted) into plain yoghurt, maybe add a sprinkle of our Granola Topper too!

What other simple swaps can you make this month?

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Here are the special offers we have new for you this week!

Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Brazil Nuts, Sultanas in Bulk and Goji Berries in Bulk all at extra special prices for one week only!

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