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Incredible low-priced chocolate couvertures and NEW oat-milk varieties to try!

If January was the month for focussing on healthy habits and getting creative with plant-based wholefoods, let’s shake things up a little as we swing into February with Valentine’s Day on the horizon.

We think it’s the perfect opportunity for sharing our incredible low priced chocolate couvertures with you.

We have a huge selection of high quality chocolate couvertures- in drops, buttons and chunks. In milk, dark, white, vegan and organic varieties.

We have also further lowered many of our prices to offer you the BEST EVER VALUE!


Plus, if that wasn’t enough to excite you, we have three new innovative products to share in a vegan oat milk variety of chocolate drops! 

Take a look…

Oat Milk Vegan Chocolate Couverture Drops 1kg


Gluten-free oat milk chocolate. Sweet, creamy taste and cocoa aroma. Small drops and high cocoa butter content for easy melting.

Oat Milk Blonde Vegan Chocolate Couverture Drops 1kg

Vegan alternative to white chocolate. Sweet, creamy with a shortbread-like flavour. Supplied in small droplets for easy melting.

Oat Milk Vegan Chocolate with No Added Sugar Couverture Drops 1kg

Gluten-free oat milk chocolate. Vegan alternative to milk chocolate. No added sugar, sweetened with xylitol. 

Browse all our chocolate couvertures here!

When it comes to great value low prices… take a look at some of these options!

Caramel Milk Chocolate Couverture Drops 1kg – £7.75
Ugandan 61% Dark Chocolate Couverture Drops 1kg – £7.99
White Chocolate Couverture Chunks 1kg – £7.99
Dark Chocolate Couverture Chips 1kg – £6.45
Sugar Free 60% Dark Chocolate Couverture Drops 1kg – £8.99

All available in 1kg bags… perfect for munching by the handful, mixing with nuts for a delicious trail mix, adding on top of a decadent porridge bowl or hot dessert (or hiding in the middle for a melty surprise), adding to many of your baking experiments, melting down and adding mix-ins to make your own personalised chocolate bar combos …or even gifting to the chocolate lovers in your life!

How will you use yours?

Here’s a simple recipe to try! 

Hazelnut Chocolate Cups

A creative spin on the classic American peanut butter cups. You could even top them with fruits, nuts or crispy toppings if you fancied taking them up another gear

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