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NEW Trail Topper Mix & our stance on responsible pricing!

Lots to share with you this week… a new mix, product updates and our stance on responsible pricing.

First up… 
we bring you the NEW Nut & Berry Trail Topper Mix. If you love our mixes, you are sure to enjoy this versatile combination.

In other news… we now have Pumpkin Seeds Grade AA stocked in a larger 2.5kg pack size at £13.99. We are also pleased to announce our 1kg Whey Protein Powder Isolate 90% is now back in stock at £21.99. Lastly, our 2.5kg Coconut Milk Powder is on sale at an incredible £19.99!

Not forgetting… our other mixes launched last week! Super 8 is packed full of variety for your everyday munching with eight different nuts and dried fruit whilst our Bakers Fruit blend is a one-stop shop for your scones, cakes and puddings!


Nut & Berry Trail Topper Mix 1kg

Ready-made nut & berry mix. A vibrant colourful mix with creamy coconut flavour, pecans, pistachios, coconut, blueberry and goji.

Browse all our fruit & nut mixes here!


Vegan Coconut Milk Powder 2.5kg
Was £21.99 
NOW £19.99

A finer powdered dairy free milk powder with lower fat content than our 65% oil content coconut milk powder. Versatile and portable – great for coffees, lattes, hot chocolate, porridges, smoothies, curries and soups, savoury dishes, ice cream, fudge and so much more. 

The prices you pay for the foods you love…We always aim to be as transparent as possible about the many facets of our business, and you can find an archive of all our blog posts here. We review things regularly and are currently updating and expanding our stance on responsible pricing.

In face of rapidly rising food prices, our everyday low responsible pricing, is more important than ever in helping keeping the foods you love accessible.

We offer excellent prices across our quality range of products and get many questions about how we price out foods. We price of food responsibly, but what does that mean and why should you care?We are responsible to our customers, our team, our suppliers, our environment and our society.

All five of these areas are taken into account when we price our products. When you buy from us, you’re not only getting real foods you love, you’re helping us honour these key areas of responsibilities we have as a business.
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