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Why We No Longer Offer Free Shipping

Tomorrow is the final day to take advantage of free shipping! Please see the update to our shipping terms

You can also read more about the changes below.

This week we have also lowered prices on our delicious Country Muesli and Natural Granola.

Not forgetting our larger Community Packs that offer the most incredible value. At 2.5kg they suit both small businesses and kitchen pantries and there are plenty of products to choose from including:

Brown Flax Seeds @ £3.40 per kg

Raisins @ £2.60 per kg

Sunflower Seeds @ £2.52 per kg

White Quinoa @ £3.26 per kg



You’ll be aware of rising inflation, with big rises in energy and fuel prices. This has resulted in significant increases in courier costs and fuel surcharges and ultimately rising food costs.

We have been working hard to tackle the rising food costs by maximising our efficiency behind the scenes so that we could accommodate the increases in price for as long as possible.

However, we have now been forced to make the difficult decision to end free shipping.

This is on the basis that we are seeking to keep food prices as low as possible and not hiding the shipping cost into the food cost and increase our product prices to cover these increases. Honesty and transparency are two of our core values, and we hold true to these in our decision.

There really is no such thing as ‘free shipping’.

Free shipping is simply a marketing gimmick, since there are no couriers that collect and deliver thought the country for free. You will find companies offering free shipping on everything, or very low free shipping thresholds. However an element of shipping costs will always be included in the final product price for other sellers to do this, to create the illusion for free shipping.

The lower the threshold for free shipping, the greater the element of shipping added to every product. It is a marketing strategy to entice you to buy a product over a competitors.

If we put up our prices to maintain the illusion of free shipping, customers placing smaller orders would be impacted disproportionately while still paying the shipping charge for orders under £45. As accessibility to real food is another core value, we believe in keeping total order prices as low as possible no matter the size of order.

Some customers have in the past stated they will only buy from companies offering free shipping, even if this means they pay more in total, but as we are not a profit nor growth driven company, we will keep to our values of keeping essential foods as affordable as possible, not just for customers who can spend over £45.

That said, we are confident if you add 2-3 items to your basket, you will still pay significantly less than from other stores offering free shipping, as our prices are considerably lower. Even when buying a single item, in most instances we will still be cheaper.

So tomorrow, Thursday 10th March 2022, will be the final day we offer free shipping, but rest assured we will continue to work hard to provide the best real food deals online in the UK.

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