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Chocolate without Sugar for Easter? Try Dressing Up our Cocoa Liquor

At Easter time it’s all about chocolate but sometimes you may want to remove the added sugar in chocolate completely.  A way to do that is to use our cocoa liquors (also known as cocoa mass) which have all the cacao flavour and goodness without the sugar.  We have amazing liquors from Uganda and Ecuador and an exceptional organic liquor from the finest criollo beans.  Without the sugar cocoa liquor makes an intense treat (that many like!) but to naturally sweeten you can easily mix in our dates and other dried fruits.  In this recipe for natural sweetness we melt the cacao liquor and press in some gojis, chopped dates and chia seeds for a great little superfood bite.

You could easily add our nuts or seeds or other dried fruits or for something really delightful try our freeze dried fruits – encasing our strawberries slices or raspberry crumble for a flavour explosion.

Ingredients (all approximates)


Melt the cacao liquor drops and pour into a small lined pan (I use the bottom of a 8″ loaf pan). Press the dates into the mixture first and then top with gojis and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

The more dates you use the sweeter the ‘chocolate’ will be. You could stir them into the melted mixture before pouring into a slab for an even spread.

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