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Let’s do our bit for Stop Food Waste Day!

Today is Stop Food Waste Day, which aims to educate on ways to reduce food wastage. It’s astonishing to think that around a third of all the food produced on Earth goes to waste –  it’s either lost or goes bad! 

Food waste can occur at all four stages of the food supply chain – producers, processors, retailers, and consumers. Here’s how we aim to reduce food waste at RealFoodSource.

As well as offering a range of dried wholefoods ingredients, behind the scenes in the business we also strive to make a difference.

We have a careful order process that minimises risk of surplus product, however, when this is unavoidable we offer heavy discounts when close to ‘best before end’ or give away to animal charities as feed. We also offer discontinued products to local community projects.

You can also challenge the Best Before Dates as many products are fine to eat after the date has past… find out more in our blog post here.

We aim to make it easy for you to play your part too… our Bulk Boxes and Community Packs give you the best possible savings whilst also encouraging sharing with your neighbours, friends or family.

A great way to prevent food waste is to opt for products with great versatility.

Take your pick from this great value selection…

Chia Seeds –  2.5kg @ £10.99

Coconut Milk Powder – 1kg @ £8.99

Blanched Ground Almond Flour – 1kg @ £6.99

9 Nut Mix – 1kg @ £14.49

Nut & Berry Trail Topper – 1kg @ £9.99

Super 8 Nut & Dried Fruit Mix – 1kg @ £7.49

Organic Tropical Mix – 1kg @ £8.99 (on sale!) 

Seedy Cinnamon Granola Topper – 1kg @ £4.49 (on sale!)

Remember we also have created a series of FREE recipe books available for your recipe inspiration using our products.

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