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Aiming for Inclusivity for Food Allergy Awareness Week!

May 9th – 14th is Food Allergy Awareness Week and from our own personal experiences and passion in offering healthier products for all, we built RealFoodSource on the foundations of offering products that cater for as many dietary requirements as possible.

Almost all of our products are gluten free and soy free, and the majority of our products are also dairy free.

In fact, we are soon to be dropping all dairy containing products from production, so over the coming months this will be removed as a potential allergen from the majority of the product labels of foods we pack in-house.

This will help ensure our wide range is even more inclusive.

We keep our products, packaging and listings clear and simple so you can see exactly what you are getting. We do sell a huge range of nuts as a popular product line in our store, and we are mindful to make sure products containing nuts are clearly listed and with what types.

It’s not just the products we sell, over the years we have developed a range of freely downloadable recipe ebooks as well as curated our recipe blog full of allergy friendly recipe ideas to help take the overwhelm out of allergy friendly cooking and baking.

Have you tried our vegan keto bread rolls made with almond and coconut flour?

Or our gluten free oat pizza crust?

What about our chocolate buckwheat waffles?

Or our amaranth porridge?

…And did you know all of our oat varieties are gluten-free too!

Explore some alternatives to wheat…

If you are looking to explore alternatives to wheat grains, have a look at all the grains we have to offer, such as amaranth, rice flakes, millet, quinoa flakes and also seeds such as hemp and flax that are incredibly versatile and can be swapped for grains in many recipes.

P.s Do you love Chia?
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