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Packing in more plants for National Vegetarian Week?

Did you know this week is National Vegetarian Week?

National Vegetarian Week encourages us all, for just one week, to get experimental in the kitchen and put a spotlight on delicious vegetable-centred meals.

We’ve long been passionate about packing as many veggies as you can in your daily diet, the more colourful the better to give our bodies the widest variety of nutrients. But it’s not just about veggies, we are all about wholefoods and healthier options for sweet treats.

We have just reduced the price of our Organic Orange and Mint Chocolate Couvertures to just £6.99 for a one kilo bag!

Plus it’s another great opportunity to give a shout out to our year round low prices on our best selling nuts. Perfect for snacking straight from the pack as well as using in all manner of recipes, veggie or otherwise!

Also back on our product listing this week we have Organic Black Cumin Oil… great for your body both inside and out!

There’s never been a better time to try putting more plants and wholefoods on your plate!

Stock up on your favourite nuts!

Take your pick from some of our favourites and many more!

Curious about our Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil?

Bursting with Omega 6 and 9, a myriad of essential fatty acids, iron, calcium and B vitamins. Cold pressed from the finest organic black cumin seeds. Certified organic to higher EU food grade standard. Edible grade over cosmetic grade oil for the highest level of care and nutrition your skin needs too. Add 1-3 teaspoons daily to salad dressings, soups, dips or smoothies. Highly moisturising and healing for skin and strengthening for hair and nails.

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