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We’ve got all the nibbles for National Picnic Week!

It’s National Picnic Week in the UK, to celebrate everything great about the tradition of picnicking!

With the beautiful weather we have been having, there is no better time then to pack up some snacks and head for the great outdoors.

There are various thoughts on the origins of the word picnic, including from the French ‘piquenique’ (1690’s) in which every partaker contributed something to the general table. But for many it is seen as ‘a picking or nibbling of bits’, and that is definitely something we can help you with!

Whether you cook or bake with our products, they are just as good munched straight from the bag or used to top your favourite snack or breakfast bowl.

Nuts have always been a customer favourite and if you are teaming your picnic with a long hike, a bag of nuts makes a fantastic companion to keep you well fuelled.

Or for topping your snacks with great nutrition, check out these incredible value nut pieces, the most affordable form of nuts we offer… pop them in your shopping cart today!

Brazil Nut Pieces 1kg @ £7.99

Cashew Nut Pieces 1kg @ £6.27

Chopped Blanched Almonds 1kg @ £7.49

Macadamia Nut Pieces 1kg @ £14.99

Pecan Nut Pieces 1kg @ £9.99

Walnut Pieces 1kg @ £6.99

Even more value…

If you are planning to buy to share (in the true style of ‘piquenique’) …you can find even more incredible offers when buying our Community Pack sizes.

Such as this 5kg pack of Walnut Pieces
Just £25.99

Browse all of our Community Packs HERE for more shareable great value!

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