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This week is World Wellbeing Week, an opportunity to focus on the many aspects of personal and community wellbeing at a time when it has never been so important in our lives.

At RealFoodSource our driving vision is to create nutritional equity for a well-nourished world. Making good food accessible to all is an integral part of wellbeing, and it is where our focus and commitment lies.

To make good quality nutrition most accessible, we drive our prices as low as possible.

The bigger the pack size the lower the price, as the time saved in packaging in house is passed directly onto you.

Our ‘Community Packs’ are so called because they were created early on during the pandemic when food shopping was challenging, in sizes to share with your friends and neighbours. Of course many of these products are perfect for a single pantry too, especially if you love nuts and seeds and get through as much as we do!

We also offer even larger pack sizes in 5kg and 10kg boxes for communities and small businesses, and will be launching more of these again soon.

Best Selling Bulk Boxes…

If you have a community enterprise or small business, we offer our 10kg box of highly versatile ground almonds at an incredible low price.

Blanched Ground Almond Flour Bulk Box 10kg

Check out some of our incredible offers on seeds and nuts below, or take your pick from all our Community Packs.

Brown Flax Seeds/ Linseeds 2.5kg Community Pack

Sunflower Seeds 2.5kg Community Pack

Walnut Pieces 5kg Community Pack

Whole Natural Almonds 2.5kg Community Pack

Whole Natural Dark Chia Seeds 2.5kg Community Pack

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