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As temperatures rise, our prices stay low!

It may be hot outside… but our prices are even hotter!

We are constantly looking for ways to make wholefoods and ‘better for you’ products as affordable as possible. As food prices rise, we have worked hard to drive our prices down whilst keeping quality high.

Our 1kg Pantry Packs offer the greatest variety of products in a size convenient for all, whether you live on your own or have a family to feed.

There is a lot of confusion and distraction in the world right now but our approach continues to offer simple low prices without gimmicks, complex rewards systems or marketing hype.

Just high quality, low priced products delivered fast…. all year round!

Take your pick from all these and much much more…

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We have Freeze Dried Strawberry Slices and Banana Chips

Check out all our other dried fruits… perfect for the summer heat!

Try blending into smoothies and milk shakes, making homemade ice creams or popsicles, mixing through chilled overnight oats, or simply munching chunkier fruits straight from the bag.

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It’s our mission to get good food to more people. We’ve talked before about how we’re fighting back against sites like Trust Pilot that are so often full of fake reviews, yet we understand that reviews do build trust and help us reach more customers considering making their first purchase from us.

Every day we receive wonderful emails and reviews from customers, which we share with the team and always bring a smile to our faces.

Though we’ve never claimed the Trust Pilot profile and never will, we appreciate our organic reach and the building of a genuine review base. Reviews like this one received this week help reinforce and remind us why we are so passionate about what we do!

Our Amazon ratings are also 99.9% positive feedback over the lifetime of our listings online, this takes into account more than 15k feedback ratings! 

If you believe in what we offer as a brand we’d love you to share your views here too!

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