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You loved the 2kg’s… so we’ve brought you more!

Last week we promoted a range of our favourite nuts in 2kg bundles, it seems you loved them so now we’ve selected some more 2kg bundles for you to pop in your basket.

These bundles are available at this special price for just one week only! 

Take your pick from… pecan pieceswalnut piecespsyllium huskand nutritional yeast.

We have bundled these as 2 x 1kg packs, for an even lower comparative price than buying 1kg alone. Yet because they are still packed in the Pantry Pack sizes it makes for easier use and storage.

We know every little helps when it comes to finding ways to save money this season and we are here to help do exactly that.

Let us know, what else would you like to see in cost-saving bundles?

Take your pick from this weeks 2kg bundles here!

New bundles this week…


One of our new bundles for this week, we have added a new lower priced Nutritional Yeast to our range. Soured from China with a similar nutritional value to our EU variety, we are please to offer this option at the incredible low price of £10.99 for 1kg (and even less when purchased as a 2kg bundle this week!)

An inactive yeast rich in vitamins & minerals, grown on fortified beet molasses that comes in flake forms with b12. It has nutty, slightly yeasty, roasted flavour notes perfect for vegetarians and vegans, and can be sprinkled on many different savoury dishes, add to sauces or use in place of stock.

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