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Porridge Day deals and an oat blend to try!

Did you know, it’s World Porridge Day on the 10th October?

To celebrate, we’re giving you £1 off all our porridge blends!

It’s a day that celebrates this delicious breakfast food, but also a day to spread awareness about child hunger. The first World Porridge Day was held on October 10th, 2009. The day was created as a way to raise funds for Mary’s Meals in Argyll, Scotland, who provide food to starving children in developing countries.

But porridge is not just for oats… Porridge is actually a mixture of any grain, cereal, or legume boiled in water, milk, or stock.

So get creative with your oats and add in some variety. Or simply go to town on the toppings and mix-ins such as chopped nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Ground flax (in our bundle offer this week) is a great addition to any porridge base, adding nutritional variety with a subtle texture and a very mild flavour. In this way, it’s great added to soups and smoothies too.

You can also check out our recipe below for a more dessert-like porridge bowl. A customer favourite when we launched this blend previously, you can now make up your very own blend of Black Forest Gateau oats!

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For a 1kg blend of Black Forest Gateau porridge you’ll need:
600g oats*
120g tart cherries
50g freeze dried raspberry crumble
130g coconut chocolate drops
100g mulberry crumble

(*instant or jumbo oats depending on texture preference)

Serve two ways…
Prepare hot, where the chocolate drops will melt into the mix, or serve cold as overnight oats for a chunkier texture.

Photo below shows overnight oats.

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