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Sweet deals to warm things up this Winter!

Did you know, next week from 14-20th November it’s Sugar Awareness Week?

This year’s theme is ‘Breakfast’. Breakfast provides us with a great opportunity to start our day consuming a variety of essential nutrients, but unfortunately, commercial breakfasts are often incredibly high in added sugar. It’s time to highlight that our first meal of the day shouldn’t contain as much sugar as a dessert.

We love a good breakfast… something easy, nutritious and delicious that can be eaten at any time of the morning, or even as a snack mid afternoon.

Whether you prefer a bowl or porridge, overnights oat, yoghurt or a smoothie.  We have an incredible range of dried fruitsnuts and seeds to offer almost endless variety to top or mix in. Maybe take your pick from some of our promotions below!

Bonus: if you like a little indulgence, these sugar-free chocolate drops will also tick the box!

In other news, we have plenty more new deals for you this week, including five new 2kg bundles and 13 new products added to our promotions page!

Also, scroll down to see what customers are loving over at RealFoodBulk. If you often buy products in 10kg or more, take a peek and see what incredible savings are on offer for you.

Check out this weeks 2kg bundle offers…
Each bundle consists of 2 x 1kg packs!

Organic Dried Chopped Apricots (Unsulphured) 1kg

Chopped Toasted Macadamia Nuts 1kg

(on sale!)

Fancy trying something different?

Try Tiger Nuts! …shop all tiger nuts products here!

(Did you know, they are not actually nuts but instead are small root vegetables much like a potato but full of goodness).

Grab our free tiger nut recipe ebook with recipes including horchata, cookies, granola, banana bread and more!

Popular this week at RealFoodBulk

Last but not least… check out these incredible deals that have been hugely popular with our customers this week over at RealFoodBulk.

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