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Chocolate Bars with our Freeze Dried Fruits & Bee Pollen

Ingredients  handful of our Freeze Dried Cranberry Slices handful of our Bee Pollen handful of our Freeze Dried Kiwi Fruit 150g of our Organic 70% Chocolate Couverture Drops  Equipment  chocolate bar moulds  baking paper baking tray Method  -Ensure your chocolate mould is completely dry and then sprinkle the cranberry slices, bee pollen and kiwi slices into the moulds (our […]

Let Freeze Dried Fruits Brighten Your Day!

Let us brighten up your day with our range of tasty, colourful, 100% natural freeze-dried fruits! Freeze Dried fruits are so handy to have in your pantry at this time of year when fresh fruits are out of season. They add fruit flavour and natural sweetness and are great for making smoothies, fruit crumble bars, decorating chocolate bars or for adding to […]

Even Lower Prices on Dried Fruits, Oil, Seeds & More

Dried Fruits, Oils, Seeds, Nuts and More – Find it all when you shop with us. Most importantly find these products at prices you can afford! Our excellent Berry & Nut Mix is a perfect snack selection containing raisins, cashews, pineapple juice infused cranberries, pecans and apple infused blueberries. Our delicious berry and nut mix contains all the goodness […]

NEW Ghanaian Dried Fruit & Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Earlier this year we shared with you how we brought in the New Year in beautiful, colourful Ghana. We visited some amazing cocoa plantations and ate the most delicious dried Ghanaian fruits. One of our goals for 2019 is to add more amazing products from source so we’re super excited to launch the first delicious dried fruit […]

Fruit and Nut clusters

This quick recipe can be adapted to suit everyone’s taste. You can substitute any dried fruits and nuts instead of the ones we used. Makes: 15-18 clusters Ingredients 1 cup Blanched Peanuts Pinch of salt 1 cup Sultanas 1.5 cups Ugandan Chocolate 61% Couverture Drops 3 tbsp honey Method Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C/ 160°C […]

Fruity Chia Lollies

The unique hydrating properties of the chia seeds make them perfect for the summer months, add a spoonful to your breakfast cereal, your dessert or your smoothie throughout the day. Use them whole or ground depending on your texture preference. In this recipe I used raspberries but you could swap in other berries if you like, […]

NEW fruit blends for your pantry!

NEW for you, this week we have three new mixes! Super 8 is packed full of variety for your everyday munching with eight different nuts and dried fruit. Our Bakers Fruit blend is a one-stop shop for your scones, cakes and puddings! Then, last but not least is our Super Berry mix, three of our popular dried fruits mixed together in […]

‘Tis the season for Warm, Fruit Puddings

November is a great time to stock up on dried fruits for the winter months.  Whether it’s for baking the perfect holiday cake or pudding, adding to trail mixes for winter walks, creating warming winter breakfasts or mixing up party snacks, we’ve got an extensive range with very affordable prices!   Whether you are baking a Christmas Cake, Mince […]

Cashew Milk Fruit Smoothies

These creamy, fruity cashew milk smoothies are so easy to make with our new versatile cashew nut milk powder. You can use fresh fruit if you have it to hand or our convenient freeze-dried fruit if you don’t. Simply choose your favourite flavour from the choices below, blend and serve.  Recipe: Fruit Smoothies Each serves […]

Calling all Fruit Fans

A fan of fruit? We’ve got you covered with the biggest range of freeze dried fruits! What we have on offer We stock a wide variety of freeze dried fruits – both organic and conventional. Our range includes lingonberries, tart cherries, banana, lemon, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries – to name just a few! They’re available in powders, slices, pieces and […]

Fruity Cereal Mixes

Whilst we are big fans of porridge for breakfast, evident here and here, we believe variation in key when it comes to sticking to healthy eating. That’s why we’ve created 3 new tasty cereal recipes you can create at home using our Amaranth and Buckwheat Cornflakes – both of which are organic and gluten free! […]

Take your pick of our Organic 2kg deals for Autumn!

Autumn is settling in with nights drawing close and a chill in the air. Take your pick of this weeks deals below for a cosy hot chocolate or the perfect homemade granola for a little Autumn spiced goodness to pep up your breakfast and snacks. September is also National Organic month, and a great opportunity to celebrate organic […]

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