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Our Story & Values

Our mission is to put wellbeing within reach for all and create a ripple effect of health that outlasts any of us.

Where It All Began...

RealFoodSource began back in 2011 as a family business run from home, filling every available space we had with boxes of products!

Moving north to Scotland from the busyness of London City Life, was a decision made to pursue wellness in both body and mind.  Having recently been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition also made the pursuit for real whole foods the big focus. However, it quickly became clear that high quality ‘real foods’ at low prices were not easy to access. It became our challenge to change that narrative!  

Starting first with chia seeds then expanding into coconut oil, before long we had expanded our product line and our premises. Today, we continue to grow and evolve, yet our mission and passion remains the same. To put wellbeing within reach and create a ripple effect that outlasts any of us.

Our Vision

Putting Real Food Within Reach

It’s easier to make food choices that support your overall health and wellbeing when you’ve got real food within reach everyday. Access to healthy, nutrient dense food is often much more expensive than junk food, leaving many people with nutritional gaps.

We offer a unique range of ‘better for you’ products at responsible prices that accounts for the wellbeing of you as our customer as well as our team members, suppliers and the planet. With affordable pricing and fast delivery, you never have to tradeoff on health, taste, budget or convenience and can keep real food choices on hand at all times.

Our Products

Feeding People, Not A System

We source superb real foods from farms and suppliers around the world and make them available at the best possible prices online. We only buy from those we trust.  We create unique, highly nutritious convenient food products from the same real food ingredients we source and sell.

We work hard to make it easier to avoid overly processed and highly refined foods full of undesirable additives and we firmly believe that healthy eating should be affordable for everyone, it’s why we started the company back in 2011!

Our Service

Committed To Quality

Most of our products are certified organic and if not organic, the best conventional equivalent we can find. Organic certification is your guarantee that all due diligence throughout the supply chain has been performed to ensure the organic integrity of both company and product. We are also SALSA certified, a robust and effective food safety certification that assures you of the quality of the products we sell.

As part of our customer partnership, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If a product is for any reason not up to scratch, or you have discovered better value, we offer a generous, no-quibble 60-day returns policy on all our pantry packs, and a guarantee against product specification on all our Bulk packs.

Our Philosophy

Providing Real, Honest, Food Facts

We don’t use unnecessary food marketing hype, tenuous health claims and fancy packaging just to gain sales.  You will never find our products called “Superfoods” for example, even though that’s a large part of the product range we sell!  We go against the grain as a food company and challenge the food industry to do better. 

We also encourage our customers to do their own independent research on the health benefits of our products we sell as we believe the best way to change the food industry for the better is from having more informed consumers.

Our Contribution

Doing Our Bit To Make A Difference

Behind the scenes in the business, we strive to make a difference. We have a careful order process that minimises risk of surplus product, and when this is unavoidable offering heavy discounts when close to ‘best before end’.  Nothing goes to waste! Products that reach their BBE or are sent back to our premises as damaged returns are sent to feed the animals at the sanctuaries!

We also offer recipes, ideas and tips for using our products that include those with allergies, food intolerances or specific dietary requirements so that everyone can enjoy a healthy diet and find it easier to avoid processed and highly refined foods.  

Our Commitment

Challenging The Food Industry To Be Better

We develop our products with a no compromise approach, using only the very best ingredients and never adding any fillers, unnatural flavourings, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or nasties to increase margin or shelf life. 

We don’t focus on fancy packaging or expensive marketing. This is why you’ll find our products often at a fraction of the price of similar products available from other retailers. We are not driven by profit. We are driven by putting real food within reach of everyone.

What's Your Story?

Was there a turning point in your life that led you on the journey to better your health and nutrition? We’d love to hear from you to discover how we can best serve you.

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