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Beyond Oats

A range of innovative porridge blends, delivering the highest value nutrition for your money.

Re-inventing oats

The Beyond Oats range of innovative porridge blends evolved from our desire to not only ensure real-food is within reach, but also offer a healthy done-for-you solution to kickstart you and your family’s day. From a blah breakfast to a satisfying snack anytime and anywhere

Our Beyond Oats blends are perfect served hot, soaked overnight or even baked in a pie dish for the ultimate brunch experience. We rotate our flavours seasonally to keep things fun and exciting. Our porridge goes beyond oats and we’re leading the way on innovation and creativity so you don’t have to.

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Straight-forward nutrition

Delivering you the highest value nutrition for your money. Made with Scottish porridge oats, with each blend packed with roughly triple the percentage of good-for-you ingredients than found in most supermarket oat blends.

We aim to add good nutrition in every flavour, even our indulgent dessert-like ranges. You’ll always know you’re getting goodness in every bite. 

Better fast food

You don’t need to choose between healthy, delicious and convenient food. Minimum prep with maximum satisfaction, keeping you and your family fuelled at any time of day. 

It’s hard not to love the pure convenience of overnight oats. Just 90 seconds in the microwave will give you a hot snack to go, or Beyond Oats soaked overnight will give you a nourishing meal free of prep to fuel your day.

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Not just for breakfast

Whether you’re a porridge lover or overnight oats are more your thing, whether you eat oats for breakfast, as a mid morning snack, a post-workout munch or even for supper… with so many flavours to choose there is something for everyone for any time!

Keep in a tub of overnight oats in the fridge and grab a spoonful instead of heading for the biscuit tin, a big tub can keep you going throughout a day, on a hike, great post-workout fuel, or simply to munch as a quick nourishing supper.

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