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BIG NEWS… we are excited to announce the launch of RealFoodBulk!

We are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of RealFoodBulk! The bulk arm of RealFoodSource, supporting small food businesses and community enterprises by offering bulk ingredients at the best possible prices. Don’t worry, RealFoodSource is not changing, but now we have a new second site offering bulk products to cater for even more customers in the […]

Your Free Festive Recipe Book!

New and updated for 2021…We bring you the Christmas Recipe Guide! It’s nearly Christmas time, our favourite time of the year and we thought we’d share a little present from the RealFoodSource with our updated Christmas recipe ebook for 2021! A collection of festive recipes from our website with a few new ones too. All in an […]

Why We Don’t Do Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Other Marketing Gimmicks

RealFoodSource believe healthy eating should be affordable for everyone at all times. We don’t believe these marketing gimmicks should be used for food. We stick to a simple strategy-keeping our prices as low as possible every day to offer our great products at the best possible prices. We are not driven by profit and sales […]

Welcome to our new website

We have changed website, the platform hosting and a lot of software to bring you a much better customer experience. Please Note that the same login details work on the new site. Unfortunately we were unable to bring customer order history across to the new website, but customers will have their order confirmation emails to […]

Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts – supporting the community

Our company vision is “nutritional equity for a well nourished world”. It’s a standpoint we keep front and centre in all of our decision making, particularly over that last 18 months as we’ve navigated more twists than turns that ever before. We are obsessed with quality and value but also lean into creativity and experimentation […]

Top tips for World Plant Milk Day!

Did you know the 22nd August is World Plant Milk Day?  There are all sorts of reasons why you might look to explore plant-based alternatives to dairy milk… your health, the environment and animal welfare typically being the top three. But plant-milks are so varied, so delicious and so easy to make yourself, we encourage you to […]

The Best Prices Per Kilo You’ll find!

Our 2.5kg packs are perfect for sharing with your community, friends and family. Or for simply bulk buying your favourite ingredients.  These packs are also created to cater for small businesses.  It can be frustrating as a small business owner when trying to find wholesale ingredients, as large minimum order quantities are so often out […]

wholefoods in glass jars in cupboard

A peek inside our pantry!

We strive to offer a unique range of ‘better for you’ products at responsible prices that accounts for the wellbeing of you as our customer as well as our team members, suppliers and the planet… and of course, we buy our own products too!  This week we restocked our own kitchen cupboard and as well as […]

Our vision… Nutritional Equity For A Well Nourished World

Tomorrow, May 28th, is the Annual World Hunger Day created by The Hunger Project to bring awareness to the more than 690 million people living in chronic hunger during an unprecedented global crisis. The UK’s rate of food poverty is among the worst in Europe. The Covid-19 crisis has pushed many families into hardship and exposed the […]

­Why We’re Fighting Back Against Review Websites Like Trustpilot

Here at RealFoodSource we want to make healthy eating affordable, easy and accessible for everyone. It is our mission to become the UK’s most trusted online refill store, that puts real food within reach of more people, through an extraordinary combination of range, price, speed, and service. Until early 2021, in addition to this website, […]

We’re bringing you upgraded next-day delivery!

We are proud to announce we have upgraded our shipping service for all orders over £35. This means that when you place an order over that threshold, not only will it be automatically upgraded to courier delivery, we are also committing to shipping same day if the order is received before 2pm! What does this […]

Did you know today is Stop Food Waste Day?

Are you passionate about preventing food waste? Today is Stop Food Waste Day. ‘Food Waste’ has had a surge in awareness over the last year or so and with good reason. A study conducted by SIK in 2011 suggested that the total global food waste to be around one-third of all food produced for humans, amounting to about […]

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