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Pistachio & Lemon Slice

This recipe takes the classic lemon drizzle cake and takes it up to a whole new level. The pistachios both in the cake itself and on top give great texture and depth of flavour. This would also work beautifully baked in a loaf pan. Recipe: Pistachio & Lemon Slice Ingredients: Makes one 8” cake pan […]

easy overnight oats

How to Make the Easiest Overnight Oats!

We’re a proper bunch of porridge lovers here at RealFoodSource, that’s a big part of why we launched Beyond Oats after all! And of course, a hot bowl of porridge is often the perfect nourishing breakfast option… but what about  during these warm summer months or simply when you fancy changing it up a little […]

Summer Bean Salad

This is a lovely light summer recipe, that is both versatile and quick. Serve as a main or side, hot or cold. You could add a dollop of hummus or avocado slices, or a slice of crusty bread for something extra. The recipe works well with all types of beans and even peas… try with […]

chocolate trail mix cookies

Trailmix Cookies

Trailmix cookies are incredibly versatile. Using oats as a base, they could just as easily be baked into a square tin and sliced into flapjack-style bars. This weeks newsletter shares lots of offers on a range of our products, perfect for adding to your ‘trail’ cookies and bars. Follow this recipe or make it your […]

Apple and Almond Pudding

Apple & Almond Pudding

A simple single-serve dessert or snack that takes just 90 seconds in the microwave (and not much longer to prepare!) We’ve used ground almond flour here for a lovely cake-like texture without the need for any grains, but you can use any finely ground nut-flour, or even a dollop of nut butter. The recipe as […]

date and walnut butter

Sweet and Salty Date and Nut Butter

The roasted and salted nuts give extra depth of flavour than regular walnuts, and the sweetness of the dates, pairs well with the saltiness of the nuts. You can also use regular nuts and roast them for a few minutes yourself to cut out or reduce the salt. Try spreading this sweet and salty nut […]

nutty keto style crackers

Low Carb Keto Crackers

These crackers are virtually the same as eating a handful of nuts and seeds but a lot more interesting with the flavours and texture. A mix of nuts gives a nice varied flavour and texture. Here we used pecan, brazil and walnuts as good low carb options (and we have pecan and brazil on offer […]

Recipe for ginger, hazelnut and apricot oat bake

Ginger, Hazelnut and Apricot Oat Bake

This is a lovely spring brunch. Perfect if you are a porridge lover but fancy changing things up.

If this recipe appeals to you… make sure you download our Oats Ebook with lots more breakfast ideas and plenty of other oat-based inspiration.

The crystallised ginger really makes the flavours pop and the roasted hazelnuts bring a wonderful depth of flavour.

Baked Falafel Pie

This easy recipe is delicious and very easy to double up to feed more. It makes for a lovely twist on the more traditional falafel balls.

It’s filling and comforting yet easy to lighten up as we move into Springtime by adding a generous side salad or cooked greens.

We used brazil nuts in this recipe but you can use a mix or whatever you have to hand… for example cashews, almonds and pine nuts all work well.

Carrot Cake Brownies

Easter Carrot Cake Brownies

Perfect for Easter and to celebrate Springtime! Think of this cake as a cross between a carrot cake and brownies… the best of both worlds!

Rich and indulgent, yet light and packed with hidden veggies!

Easy Risotto

Our pine nuts are on promo this week, give them a go in this super simple recipe!   We now stock arborio rice. Here’s an easy risotto recipe for when you are low on ingredients, whether that is due to the current pandemic or you are simply low stocked in your fridge or pantry and […]

Spiced Rice Puds

These spiced rice pudding pots are beautiful and creamy, comforting classics with a spiced Christmas spin, add festive toppings to dress it up as healthily and/or indulgently as you fancy!  You could also add a little cacao liquor during the final minutes of cooking to melt through as a chocolate dessert… yum! You can use pudding rice, brown rice […]

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