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Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

(NOTE: this recipe contains gluten, if you decide to try with your favourite gluten-free flour blend, let us know how you get on!) If you’re looking for an easy chocolate cake recipe that is vegan friendly, fluffy and delicious – give this recipe a try! We served it with a dollop of vegan yoghurt and […]

Chocolate Drizzled Apricot and Almond Flapjacks

These flapjacks with our new organic chopped apricots are a delight!  Our almond butter acts as the binder for the bars in conjunction with our apricots and chia. Our peanut butter would work just as well but here the almond paste allows the flavour of the apricots to do all the talking. You could, of […]

White Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge

This super easy and quick fudge recipe works great for any occasion and is versatile with the chocolate you use. You can also try making it with our Milk Chocolate Couverture Drops and freeze dried strawberries. Makes: One 23x23cm square tin or 30 pieces of fudge. Ingredients 750g Organic White Chocolate Vanilla Drops 50g Freeze Dried […]

Homemade Easter Eggs with our Chocolate Couverture

Get creative this Easter by making your own Easter Eggs! Ingredients  150g of our Ecuadorian Arriba 74% Chocolate Couverture Drops Equipment chocolate egg moulds (2 small to medium half egg moulds) Method  Melt the Chocolate Couverture Drops in a double boiler or in the microwave in 30 second increments. Melt the chocolate until 3/4 of the […]

Carrot Cake Brownies

Easter Carrot Cake Brownies

Perfect for Easter and to celebrate Springtime! Think of this cake as a cross between a carrot cake and brownies… the best of both worlds!

Rich and indulgent, yet light and packed with hidden veggies!

Pistachio & Lemon Slice

This recipe takes the classic lemon drizzle cake and takes it up to a whole new level. The pistachios both in the cake itself and on top give great texture and depth of flavour. This would also work beautifully baked in a loaf pan. Recipe: Pistachio & Lemon Slice Ingredients: Makes one 8” cake pan […]

Hot Cross Cookies

Hot cross buns are fun but not always that straight forward to make, particularly if you avoid gluten. This idea for ‘cookies’ is much easier and actually turned out a lot more ‘bun like’ than anticipated- winner!

Chocolate Almond Macadamia Nests

These chocolate nests couldn’t be easier to mix up. With just a handful of ingredients and packed full of ground almonds, these little bites are rich and dense with just the right amount of moisture. Like a brownie bite and totally delicious! Ingredients: 1 cup blanched ground almond flour 1/2 cup melted dark chocolate couverture […]

HomeMade Chocolate with Coconut Syrup

So much Chocolatey fun! Our coconut blossom syrup is perfect for homemade chocolate, as compared with the granulated coconut sugar it has a super smooth texture. It is so simple to use with the cocoa butter and cocoa liquor drops… you’ll be a chocolate pro in no time! Why not get creative with flavours and […]

Lemon Baobab Balls

Baobab adds a complimentary flavour and nutritional boost to these balls!

Hot Chocolate Cherry Pot

There are a few key words that sum up this dessert and all at once you will realise why it is amazing! Ridiculously indulgent… kills the cravings! Sugar Free Gluten and grain free (no flours) Takes just 2 minutes Endless flavour variations and mix-ins if desired It uses chocolate, I don’t think we need to […]

Chocolate without Sugar for Easter? Try Dressing Up our Cocoa Liquor

At Easter time it’s all about chocolate but sometimes you may want to remove the added sugar in chocolate completely.  A way to do that is to use our cocoa liquors (also known as cocoa mass) which have all the cacao flavour and goodness without the sugar.  We have amazing liquors from Uganda and Ecuador […]

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