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This is a wonderful blanched ground almond flour (often referred to as ground almonds or almond meal in recipes). Produced by grinding whole blanched almonds this flour contains all the almond oil goodness.

Strictly speaking, almond meal refers to almonds ground with their shells on.  However, please note that many recipes especially those from the US that refer to almond flour or almond meal actually mean well ground blanched almonds.   This is the product required.

We also sell  Organic Extra Fine Almond Flour and Organic Ultra Fine Almond Powder in our 1kg range if you are looking for flour with a higher protein content or specifically for shakes and thickening sauces.  We also sell the organic equivalent of this flour.

Please check contents and decant within 35 days of delivery into a suitable airtight container, then put the bag in the bin so it degrades back into the earth.

Suggested uses:

For those wanting to follow the almond flour recipes of Elena Amsterdam, Dinah Alison or other standard gluten-free recipes this is the almond flour you require. This flour has been specially selected for gluten-free baking recipes requiring blanched ground almond flour.  Check out our recipe section for lots of recipes using ground almond flour.


100% Blanched Ground Almond Flour

Contains nuts, may contain traces of milk and peanuts

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 2704kJ/653kCal

Total Fat(g) 52.5 of which saturates(g) 4.9, Carbohydrates(g) 8.7 of which sugars(g) 4.6, Fibre(g) 9.9, Protein(g) 21.4, Salt(g) 0.01

Country of Origin: USA/Spain