We are so excited to launch into the UK our unique delicious, versatile cashew milk/cream powder made from fresh cashew nuts that dissolves easily into water creating a creamy, super tasty instant nut milk with the delicate taste of cashew. Vegans and those with dairy intolerances or perhaps those simply avoiding dairy due to a specific diet can enjoy this wonderful dairy-free alternative milk.  Tired of throwing away nut milks after a few days, we have the answer, our cashew milk is so portable and easy to use. The milk can be reconstituted in warm water or blended into liquids. We use it for everything from our coffees to our smoothies, white sauces to our porridges, cakes and curries!

To create the powder the fresh cashew nuts are sprayed dried and ground down into a fine powder.  The high fibre natural powder inulin is added so the powder dissolves easily into liquids, it also adds a natural sweetness.  Without this the powder would not work it’s magic and hence why we had the powder made with the most natural emulsifier option.  Inulin is a high fibre carbohydrate that is naturally present in a number of different plants.

Cashew Nut Milk Powder is also so practical too. No need to leave half-finished bottles of cashew milk cluttering up the fridge, you can simply store the cashew nut milk powder at room temperature and by just adding a little water prepare it exactly when you need it and to the exact thickness you require (be it a light and runny milk or a thick rich cream). We also love it’s portability too, it’s a great lightweight companion for travel or camping when space is at a premium and a fridge unavailable.

Suggested use:

It is excellent for hot chocolates, lattes and other coffees as it dissolves easily into liquid and it has a very subtle cashew nut flavour so the milk doesn’t over power other flavours in your hot drinks. It is also a great breakfast cereal or porridge companion and for making chilled milkshakes and smoothies. Our milk powders also make delicious dairy-free ice cream and rich indulgent dairy-free chocolate truffles (using just two ingredients plus a little water)! Also great for savoury dishes in soups, curries or thai cooking, just spoon into your warm liquid dishes and it dissolves into the milk. It can also be used place of powdered sugar for adding a decorative powdery finish to cakes and cookies.

For making milk mix well with warm water, allow to cool and thicken. Mix approximately 50g of powder to 150ml for cream, 50g to 300ml water for milk. This ratio will vary depending on your taste and desired creaminess. Please note you may find a small amount of residue from the cashew nuts that settles at the bottom of the milk


Cashew Kernels (90%), Inulin (10%)

Contains nuts.

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 2063kj/493kcal

Fat(g) 21.9 of which saturates(g) 4.5, Carbohydrate(g) 63.9, of which sugars(g) 25.5, Protein(g) 10.3, Salt(g) 0.08

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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