Our date paste is made from the Phoenix Dactylifera variety of dates and has a deliciously sweet, caramel flavour.  Dates are low in fat, high in fibre and a good source of minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium. Our date paste is 100% dates with no added sweeteners, sugars or any other added nasties. Dates are said to cause less significant glucose spikes in the blood when compared to cane sugar. As always, we advise our customers to do their own research into the health benefits of our products.

Our date paste makes baking or bar making so much simpler – there’s no need to remove the pit, get out the blender or soak dates in water – simply add the paste to recipes!

**Please note the product’s packaging may vary from what is pictured above. Please also note a very small amount of pit may be present in the paste. **

Suggested use:

Date paste makes an excellent alternative sweetener for baked goods and bars like cakes, muffins, pancakes, breakfast bars and many other sweet items. Sweeten porridge, smoothies or protein shakes with a bit of date paste. Create your own healthy chocolate bars by combining it with melted cocoa mass and cocoa butter. Have fun making your own date balls or date slices. When a savoury recipes call for a small amount of cane sugar to sweeten the dish, you can also substitute the sugar for date paste.


100% Date Paste

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1218kJ/290kcal

Fat(g) 0.6 of which saturates(g) 0.2, Carbohydrate(g) 68.0, of which sugars(g) 67.0, Fibre(g) 7.0, Protein(g) 2.0, Salt(g) 0.03

Country of Origin: UAE