Our raw hemp protein powder is a made from 100% cold pressed pure ground hempseed grown in EU and the UK, packed with the most essential super nutrients in a more concentrated state than any other hemp food product.

This hemp powder contains 50% protein which is a very high ratio for a natural whole food source. It is the most easily digested and absorbed protein for your body and also contains all ten essential amino acids making it a top source for protein. Plus it’s free from gluten, sugar, GMO, additives and preservatives.

Packed with omega fatty acids, protein, essential amino acids, dietary fibre and iron it is superb as a supplement for vegans and vegetarians and also great for sports practitioners.

Note that this is a raw green hemp powder product.  If you are looking for a white high protein hemp powder please see our Hemp Pro Max 72% Protein Powder here.  Our hemp powder may be shipped in different packaging to that shown here.

Suggested uses:

Great for smoothies and protein shakes or to have with yoghurt or granola. It is also used as a flour substitute for baking by adding to pies, cakes, muffins and breads at approximately 25% Hemp Protein to 75% flour ratio (this is especially useful for those following the low carbohydrate lifestyle), we also like to make raw energy bars using the protein powder in conjunction with our cocoa products and dried fruit and nuts.  Check out our recipe section for lots of hemp recipe


100% Hemp Protein

May contain traces of milk, nuts, peanuts, sesame and soya

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1495kJ/358kCal

Total Fat(g) 11.0, of which saturates(g) 1.7, Carbohydrates(g) 5.2, of which sugars(g) 4.1, Fibre(g) 21.0, Protein(g) 50.0, Salt(g) 0.0

Country of Origin: EU

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