We’ve created our fantastic new Raspberry Cocoa Nib Crunch Gourmet porridge, a delicious, highly nutritious bowlful of approximately 60% gluten free oats with our sweet delicious tart raspberries and our delightful raw cacao nibs full of cacao goodness, the most unexpected fabulous pairing in both texture and taste! We naturally sweeten with crumbled mulberries to up the vitamin C, K and potassium goodness even higher and maximise the creaminess with our coconut milk powder with 65% coconut oil to super boost the lauric acid content.  This is a power packed porridge and unlike supermarket porridges where oats are 85% or more, our gourmet porridges offer amazing value for money, you are getting 40% of the finest real food ingredients so it’s a fully nutritious, delicious experience.  We hand blend them all individually and we also don’t add any sweeteners, our porridge is naturally sweetened with our mulberry crumble and raspberry pieces.  As well as being gluten and soy free we also use our coconut milk powder for creaminess so our porridges are dairy free too.  A porridge bowl that boosts flavonoids, omega 3, vitamin C, B vitamins, protein, lauric acid, fibre and so much more to kick start your morning and enjoy as a treat any time of the day!

Here’s more information on what’s in it:

Gluten Free Whole Porridge Oats– our delicious, gluten free whole porridge oats grown in the United Kingdom.  Only the finest oats are milled and packed to ensure the highest quality of oat is produced. Low in fat, an excellent source of fibre and with a delicious flavour they are the perfect way to start the day!

Organic Mulberries – high in vitamin C, K, iron, potassium, calcium, fibre and polyphenols.

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder with 65% Coconut Oil – made from over 97% coconut milk and with 65% coconut oil our coconut milk powder is an excellent way to get all the coconut oil goodness.

Freeze Dried Crumbled Raspberries – sweet, ripe raspberries that add a delicious natural sweetness.

Organic Criollo Cocoa/Cacao Nibs – these are our wonderful cocoa/cacao nibs from Peru. Produced from the great tasting criollo variety of cocoa bean, the beans are simply cracked and winnowed (shells removed) leaving the raw nibs.

and absolutely nothing else!

Unlike most other porridge mixes that are predominantly oats, ours is 40% other ingredients! Our porridge mixes are full of nutrients and energy that fill you up. This makes them an excellent choice for breakfast but are also a convenient meal at any time of the day to give you that much needed energy boost!

*Please note this product has a new recipe*


Shake well before use. Mix 50g with approximately 125ml of hot water or any milk (dairy or non-dairy) you wish for a creamier porridge.  Stir and allow to cook for a few minutes before eating. For quicker, more intense porridge pop in the microwave and cook for a minute or two or cook in a pot over the stove and serve.


Gluten Free Porridge Oats (62%), Organic Crumbled Mulberries, Vegan Coconut Milk Powder with 65% Oil Content (coconut milk, tapioca syrup, cyclodextrin), Freeze Dried Crumbled Raspberry (8%), Organic Peruvian Criollo Cocoa Nibs (6%)

May contain traces of milknuts and peanuts.

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1717kj/410kcal

Total Fat(g) 14.5  of which saturates(g) 9.0 , Carbohydrates(g) 54.8,  of which sugars(g) 9.0, Fibre (g) 9.0, Protein(g) 10.9, Salt(g) 0.1

Country of Origin: Various

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