Our high quality organic chlorella powder is a fresh-water algae grown on a small island in the South China Sea. The Chlorella is then carefully washed and rapidly dried to preserve all the nutrients and the dry powder is milled to break down the insoluble cell walls which humans cannot break down so that all the useful nutrients can be absorbed.

Chlorella is an excellent source of fibre, protein, iron, potassium and chlorophyll.

Chlorella has many health claims including being good for cardiovascular health, helping to maintain muscle mass and reducing tiredness and fatigue. However, as always, here at RealFoodSource we encourage you to do your own research into chlorella powder and the benefits it can have for you.

You will also find our chlorella powder in our Organic Green Blend with Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Matcha and Green Tea for all Your Green Goodness, link here!

Suggested uses:

Simply add a teaspoon to your juices (orange works well!) or blend into a smoothie for the natural detoxifying benefits and the nutritional boost.


100% Organic Chlorella

Contains Sulphites. May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

Typical Values per 100g:

Energy 1586kJ/374 kcal

Fat(g) 2.6 of which saturates(g) 0.6, Carbohydrates(g) 19.4, of which sugars(g) 1.2, Fibre(g) 9, Protein(g) 59.2,  Salt 0.06


500 Gram, 1 Kilo, 2 Kilo, 4 Kilo

Organic Status