Fontanaro Farm in Umbria, Italy is a small organic farm we had the pleasure of visiting in 2011 and got to sample their extraordinary olive oil that has been produced through 5 generations.  This is olive oil but not as you may know it, it is very different from most of the olive oil sold in the UK. The Dolce Agogia, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino olives are hand picked on the farm and cold pressed at temperatures below 24 degrees in Fontanaro’s own solar panelled mill within 4 hours of picking to guarantee the very best quality oil. The resulting oil has a very rich fruity, peppery taste with a unique aroma of artichoke, fresh grass and almonds. The quality of organic olive oil is found in the intense taste and aroma with it’s very low acidity and high polyphenol count.  Olive oil is not created equally, sweetness and butteriness with high acidity, the mainstay of olive oil sold in the UK, does not equate to quality. More information on selecting the best quality olive oil can be found here

The oil was the 2014 Silver Medalist in the New York International Olive Competition (, and is rated among the best in Italy by the official national guide of the Italian Association of Olive Oil Sommeliers, Slow Food, Gambero Rosso,, Culinary Institute of America, 3E and more.

We love to partner with Alina and Lucia, the wonderful owners and hosts at Fontanaro Organic Farm, you can see more about their wonderful organic farm and olive oil production in their video here:

Suggested uses:

Wonderful on Salads, Over Warm Vegetables, Pastas and Soups. Also an excellent natural beauty oil.


100% Organic Fontanaro Olive Oil



500 ml

Organic Status