Our Organic Dried Apricots and our Organic Whole Dried Figs in our Excellent Value Twin Pack with a 1kg Pack of Each

Our pitted, dried apricots are grown in the Malatya region of Turkey which produces deliciously sweet and tasty apricots. The apricots are harvested by hand to avoid damage to the fruit and are then naturally sun-dried without any sulphur treatment to produce a delicious, sweet light to dark brown fruit. Our dried apricots do not contain any additives or preservatives and are naturally darker in colour than apricots you will see in the supermarket which are a brighter (but more unnatural) yellow colour as they have been treated with sulphur to extend shelf life and make them more aesthetically pleasing. However, we believe unsulphured, dark apricots are far tastier and have a delicious sweet caramel flavour. Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin and C and potassium and with no additives, preservatives or added salt and sugar, they are the perfect healthy snack!

*Please note: while sulphur dioxide is not actively added to our dried apricots, as they are produced on the same production as sulphured products we have to state that it may contain sulphites.  Also, as our apricots are unsulphured we recommend you fully seal the bag or decant to an airtight container to ensure they do not dry out and stay moist and delicious!

Our organic whole figs are sweet and delicious. They contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and are chewy and soft in texture. Figs are an excellent source of energy whilst being low in fat but high in fibre making them a highly nutritious, sweet tasting snack.

*Please note Organic Dried Figs are prone to sugaring, this is a natural process and can be seen in the close-up image in this product listing. The percentage of sugaring on the figs depends on the time of the year the figs are harvested.

Please see our individual listings for further details of each product and nutritional information.

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