Our golden oil from the best organic cold pressed jojoba seeds absorbs quickly into skin and is the ideal moisturiser to keep it smooth and hydrated throughout the day.  With it’s high levels of Vitamin E it is excellent for ageing and dry skin.  Very similar to our skin’s own sebum it, it is not a greasy oil and is naturally anti bacterial making it great for pores and cleansing or using for shaving. Also very nourishing and a lighter oil for the hair.  Use on it’s own or mix with our other beauty oils to create your perfect elixir.  For external use only.

Storage instructions: 

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.


100% Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis)

Country of Origin: Uruguay/Israel

Massage 2-3 drops into skin, nails and hair.

For external use only.

Our new Edible and Natural Beauty line is all about simplifying beauty products in the same way we have food.  Skin, nail and haircare doesn’t have to be processed, preserved, unnatural and expensive, a few simple high quality products to cleanse and moisture can be all that is needed. However, just like food the products you do use should be the very best quality in their most pure, unrefined state so your body gets the maximum goodness inside and out!  

So we’re turning beauty on it’s head.  We’re starting by making some awesome certified organic edible grade cold pressed oils for skin, nail and haircare available at the very best price in the same way we have the foods we sell. They are the best edible grade quality we can ethically source and are certified to higher EU organic food standards. Unlike food, there is no EU organic cosmetic standard in place so we find the organic claims on cosmetics can be quite dubious, even if certified to a standard created on best endeavours by a local body. Our food grade oils are also collected on a first press and usually in much better hygienic conditions than cosmetic grade oils which are often the leftovers once the edible grade oils have been collected or extracted by other methods which remove the full goodness.  Edible grade and fully organic means they have the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids your body needs all over and we’ve gone one step more and made them cheap!  Why, because the best beauty care doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s marketing budgets, third parties and fancy packaging that make them expensive.  We are not driven by profit, we don’t add in expensive marketing to our price or unnecessary packaging costs, our oils come in a basic recyclable sunlight protective dropper bottle or tub. They won’t be for everyone, our oils are 100% what they say they are so for example our argan oil smells and looks like pressed argan nut oil but that’s exactly why it’s got the very high levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids for your hair and skin, it’s not been refined or bleached out. Our range starts with a small range of our favourite beauty products and we’ll be adding to it in the year ahead.   Due to popular demand we have now started to add Natural beauty products that are 100% cold pressed oils for external use only such as Jojoba oil. 

Don’t forget we’ve also got loads more food products in our range that can fill your beauty routine too.  From cocoa butter balms to apple cider hair rinses, to masks created from our oats and green tea, there are so many ways you can simplify beauty and get the best for your whole body inside and out.  We hope you love our simple approach to edible beauty and love our products as much as we do!


Edible Beauty Range

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