Our Organic Red Quinoa is naturally gluten free, a great source of vegetable protein, and is rich in vitamins, minerals and iron. It is excellent to use as an alternative in recipes that call for rice or cous cous, so if you’ve never cooked with quinoa before it’s very easy to bring it into your diet. Quinoa is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, as it is not a member of the true grass family.

Compared with white quinoa, red quinoa has a slightly crunchier texture and double the amount of fibre. It is somewhat nuttier and tends to hold its shape a bit better so is great in cold recipes such as salads.

Visually, the red quinoa offers a vibrant and colourful addition to your meals and a lot of people choose red quinoa for the colour alone!

We also sell organic quinoa flakes which are excellent for porridge, cereals and smoothies, see listing here. We also sell quinoa flour for baking. If you’re looking for a mix of all 3 Quinoas, we sell Tri-Colour Quiona.

Suggested uses:

Add to salads, stews, casseroles, soups and desserts (such as this quinoa berry dessert here) or bake into lovely gluten free treats, see our recipe section for inspiration.

It is recommended to rinse before use.


100% Red Quinoa

May contain traces of milk, nuts and peanuts.

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1535kJ/367kcal

Fat(g) 5.8 of which saturates(g) 0, Carbohydrate(g) 60.4  of which sugars(g) 0, Fibre(g) 7.0, Protein(g) 14.0, Salt(g) 0.

Country of Origin: Bolivia/ Peru

Organic Status



500 Gram, 1 Kilo