Organic Unrefined Edible Shea Butter 450g/500ml and Natural Cocoa/Cacao Butter 1kg at the an excellent price from the RealFoodSource.

Our pack includes our Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, traditional hand crafted by local women’s co-operatives in Ghana.  Shea butter is wonderful for you skin, especially in winter months when skin can get so dry.  Our Shea Butter is an edible grade butter, we believe edible grades are better than cosmetic grades for your body and skin, after all if you can eat it, it must be the best for the outside too! Mix it up with the cocoa butter, our coconut oils, coconut and hemp oil blend, vanilla and argan oils in your homemade body products.

Our twin pack also comes with our Peruvian natural cocoa butter drops for creating fine chocolate and organic body balms. This butter has a distinct cocoa scent and is excellent for making chocolate, especially white chocolate and for any recipes where the scent of chocolate is required.  Alternatively it is skin moisturiser or for your own home made beauty products.  Be warned you will deliciously chocolatey!

Please see our individual listings for further details of each product and nutritional information.

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