Our pitted prunes are juicy, sweet and delicious.

Prunes are considered a good source of fibre as well as being low in fat. As these prunes do not have pits they are excellent for cooking with. Please note our prunes contain a small amount (0.5%) of sunflower oil to stop clumping and a very small amount of potassium sorbate. Our prunes are also in naturally dried form and not rehydrated like most prunes on the snack market (pre-soaked to increase water content and gooeyness).

**Please note: Whilst all care is taken to remove the pit, there is a small chance of pit remaining**

See product label image for best before date and origin. Full product details available on the product specification.

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1137kJ/267kCal

Total Fat(g) 0.4, of which saturates(g) <0.01, Carbohydrates(g) 56.9 ,of which sugars(g) 38.1,Fibre(g) 7, Protein(g) 2.2, Salt(g) <0.01


Please be aware that products bought in bulk packaging are not subject to the RFS60 guarantee. Terms and conditions of products bought under the RFS Bulk brand are as follows:

  • Products are bought to RFS specification which is accepted at point of purchase.
  • All issues must be quantified and reported within 7 days
  • All returns are at RFS’s discretion and if found not to be a valid complaint, they will not be accepted
  • If more than one carton of a product is delivered, RFS will only accept the return of one open carton.
  • If several cartons have been opened, RFS will only issue credit for a single return

We only refund what has been returned. If a significant amount of any item returned has been consumed, we will only provide a refund for the pro-rata value for the amount returned

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