Our value hulled pumpkin seeds are a great addition to our range offering a cost-effective alternative to our premium organic AAA seeds from Austria. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids and potassium.

*Please note these pumpkin seeds can either be the shine skin variety or GWS (grown without skin) variety. The shine skin variety is slightly lighter in colour when compared to the GWS.

Suggested uses:

Our AA grade pumpkin seeds are good for baking, salads, soups (an alternative protein rich crouton!) and cereals including homemade granola.


100% Pumpkin Seeds

May contain traces of milk, nuts, peanuts, sesame and soya

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 2458kJ/587kCal

Total Fat(g) 49.1 of which saturates(g) 8.7, Protein(g) 35.5, Carbohydrates(g) 4.7 of which sugars(g) 1.4, Fibre(g) 6, Salt(g) < 0.01

Country of Origin: China

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