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Hot Chocolate Cherry Pot

There are a few key words that sum up this dessert and all at once you will realise why it is amazing! Ridiculously indulgent… kills the cravings! Sugar Free Gluten and grain free (no flours) Takes just 2 minutes Endless flavour variations and mix-ins if desired It uses chocolate, I don’t think we need to […]

Christmas Baked Oatmeal

This Recipe is a Family Favourite at Christmas Time, a perfect festive breakfast!

Coconut Cobbler

We do love a good cake mug… healthy 5 minute quick cake fix to be more precise! This simple little dessert is based on the concept of a mug cake, but here it’s been given a grown up twist to turn it in to something a whole lot more….within 5 minutes start to finish you’ll […]

Almond Cranberry Pudding

Almond flour, a little like coconut flour, can be tricky to handle at first.  Whilst coconut flour has a tendency to be very drying, almond flour has a way of ‘sticking to the roof of your mouth’ does that sound odd? We weren’t sure how else to describe it.  However, when used in the right […]

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