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Veggie ‘Fish Cakes’

We love finding ways to include more vegetables in each meal and these ‘fish cakes’ are one of the way you can. These veggie fish cakes are made from a base of chickpeas and potatoes and flavoured with seaweed, garlic and fresh herbs! Recipe Veggie Fish Cakes Make 5-6 fishcakes Ingredients 1 1/2 cup cooked […]

Burgers with our Chickpeas, Walnuts and Quinoa

These burger patties are made up of 3 excellent sources of protein – chickpeas, walnuts and quinoa! Add herbs and garlic to that mix and you have a delicious veggie based burger pattie that you can sandwich between a fresh roll and top off with your favourite toppings! Chickpea, Walnut & Quinoa Burgers Makes approx […]

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