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MCT Beetroot & Raspberry Smoothie

With all of the energy MCT oil has to offer, including it in your morning smoothie is a no brainer. We’ve combined MCT oil with raspberry and beetroot for a fruity and colourful smoothie to add some nutrition and colour to your day! What is MCT you ask? It is a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) […]

MCT Yacon Spinach Smoothie

In this smoothie we combine energy boosting MCT Oil, Yacon Powder, banana and spinach for a sweet nutritious smoothie! Read more about MCT Oil here. Recipe: MCT Yacon Spinach Smoothie Serves 1 large or 2 small Ingredients: 1 Banana or equivalent mango chunks (use pre-frozen for a thicker cooler smoothie) 1 ½ Packed Cups Spinach 2 […]

Tropical Green Smoothie with our Coconut Water Powder & Coconut Oil

Our coconut water powder is great for rehydration and being in powder form has long shelf life and is super versatile to have in the cupboard whenever you need it.  Here the coconut oil creates a creamy texture without adding an obvious flavour so the greens and pineapple/banana speak for themselves. The coconut oil offers […]

Purple Power Maqui Berry Smoothie

If the health benefits of Maqui Powder (it’s rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and has anti inflammatory properties) don’t win you over, we hope this smoothie recipe with it’s vibrant purple colour will! The banana and nut butter create a lovely creamy texture which means there’s no need for any dairy or non dairy milk […]

Creamy Colada Smoothie

Now that spring is here and the earth is beginning to come to life, we look towards summer time.  Have you booked your summer holiday yet?  If not… don’t worry today I’m bring the summer sunshine to you, all wrapped up in a silky smooth fruit smoothie. The key ingredient? Yes, you guessed it- nut […]

Summer Chia Shake

Here at Including Cake I’ve been experimenting (ok, I never really stop experimenting), this time with chia puddings and shakes. One of the amazing properties of chia seeds is their hydration factor and their ability to fill you up. These little seeds ‘gel up’ when in contact with water absorbing up to nine times their own weight. […]

Goji Spiced Smoothie

This goji infused smoothie gives a great colour and is perfect teamed with maca and cinnamon for a spiced warming kick.

100% Natural Protein Shakes

Just 2 of our products can be used to create a real food protein shake. Most meal replacement/protein shakes have ingredients you can’t pronounce and un ‘natural’ flavours. Our freeze dried fruits are the perfect completely natural flavourings for our 100% natural protein powders.  Just take a tablespoon of our protein powders such as our pure […]

Berry Energy Blend Smoothie

A super quick vitamin boosting berry energy smoothie, so simple with our organic energy blend packed with energy boosting ingredients!

Lemon Blueberry Smoothie

Pack a purple punch with this fruity breakfast delight. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and are one of the lowest sugar fruits… so be generous!

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